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vitamins A and children - If vitamin A deficiency is not detected initially, there is an increased risk of blindness.

A vitamin required for maintaining good eyesight

Vitamin A is fat-soluble. It is slowly absorbed in the body. And accumulates in the liver. It plays an important role in the visual cycle. It works to maintain the retinal function of the eye.

Vitamin A necessary for making the photoreceptor rhodopsin. it  (photopigment) found in rod cells of the retina. it is helpful in allowing our eyes to see at night. so, night blindness is often one of the first signs of vitamin A deficiency.  irreversible structural changes due to permanent night blindness if the deficiency lasts longer. 

It is also useful for the maintenance of spermatogenesis and fetal development. but the excess Vitamin A is also harmful to the body.

The daily requirement of vitamin A - Adult dose - 1000 micro-meter  4000 IU / day

vitamin A deficiency symptoms in Eyes

Less visible at night (night blindness). The steps stagger in the dark, the food plate does not look properly while eating at night. Dryness of the eyes. Lack of normal luster, visible wrinkles in the mucous membrane, the white part of the eye turns brown. Tears do not come out while crying.

Almost white rashes, or round spots like rashes, appear in the outer upper part of the white part of the eye. This problem is seen in school-going children (malnourished). This problem is cured with vitamin A.

If vitamin A deficiency is not detected initially, the corneal part becomes rough. When the surface part of the cornea is destroyed, there becomes an ulcer in the cornea. If treated prematurely, it may be partially cured. Otherwise, the cornea is destroyed, and the man is blinded.

If vitamin A deficiency is not detected in time. And if it is not treated immediately, the cornea becomes dirty, yellow, jelly-like. This worsens the eye and the man becomes blind forever. It also affects the other eye. And man, go completely blind.

 Vitamin A foods for the eyes are

It is essential for our vision and for the repair of epithelial cells. It is also helpful in preventing infection. Vitamin A is essential for children's growth and bone development. Foods that contain Vitamin A.

1 - Carrots,
2 - Cabbage,
3 - Milk,
4 - Mango,
5 - Cheese,
6 - Butter,
7 - Egg,
8 - Fish,
9 - Liver.

Vitamin A importance

It increases the risk of deficiency diseases, such as night blindness, skin disease (drying), loss of elasticity of lungs, sterility in humans, etc. Children from poor families who are malnourished, and do not take a healthy diet are at risk of vitamin A deficiency.

As we know, Vitamin A is essential for our eyes. Lack of vitamins in the diet affects our eyes. This is a serious health problem.

Vitamin A deficiency is mainly found in children from 1 year to 5 years of age group.  it is also necessary for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Vitamin A is destroyed in polished rice. Due to which there is not enough vitamin A in daily food.

Children who are malnourished or suffering from infection show symptoms of vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A deficiency treatment

1- Children between 1 and 5 years of age should give 2 lakh units of vitamin A solution every 6 months. And the solution should also be given to the mother who is feeding the milk so that the baby can get vitamin A along with the mother's milk.

2- Yellow colored fruits, green leafy vegetables should be included in the diet of children, and adult.

3- A child or adult who shows symptoms of vitamin A deficiency should be fed vitamin A. 

4- If such a patient is not treated properly, especially for young children, it will be difficult to save his eyesight.

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