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facts about COVID-19

Wrong - Covid-19 spread through the consumption of chicken, eggs, and meat.

Right - There is no evidence that food transmits the COVID -19. But food from animal sources should always be well cooked. Eating raw and undercooked food should be avoided.

Wrong - COVID -19 spread through pets.

Right - The transmission of Coronavirus has not been seen through pets.

Wrong - The dead body of a person infected with a coronavirus spreads infection.

Right - no transmission of Coronavirus infection from the dead body of the person.

Wrong - Vaccines are available for the treatment of COVID - 19 infections.

Right - As of now, no vaccine available for Covid-19.

Ask - how the benefit of social distance for n-coronavirus?

Answer - Strictly implementing social distancing measures, will reduce the overall expected numbers of Covid-19 cases.

Ask - What is the 2019 novel coronavirus?

Answer - 2019-novel coronavirus, is a new virus first identified in Wuhan, Hubei province, china. it is named novel as it has not been previously identified.

Ask - What is the source of the 2019 novel coronavirus?

Answer - the exact source of infection of the 2019 novel coronavirus has not been identified. coronavirus is a large family of viruses, some causing illness in people and others that circulate among animals. initially, many of the patients in Wuhan china reportedly had some link to large seafood and animal market, the virus likely emerged from an animal source.

Ask - what are the initial symptoms of n coronavirus?

Answer - 
  1. Fever,
  2. Dry cough,
  3. shortness of breath,
  4. Difficulty in breathing.

Ask - How does it spread?

Answer- It is spreading from person to person by following methods.
  1. droplets,
  2. cough, 
  3. sneezes, 
  4. personal contact, 
  5. contaminated objects.

Ask - How can I protect myself?

Answer - the best way to prevent n-coronavirus infection.
  1. Avoid all non-essential travel to affected countries and area,
  2. Maintain good personal hygiene.
  3. Practice frequent hand washing with soap,
  4. cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing,
  5. wash your hand at least 20 seconds,
  6. avoid touching your face, mouth, eyes, and nose with an unwashed hand,
  7. maintain at least 1m distance to other people,
  8. avoid consumption of raw or undercooked food,
  9. follow government guidelines.

Ask- what should I do if close contact with coronavirus confirms the case?

Answer -  self monitors your health starting from the day of the last contact with such a case and confirm for 28 days. watch for the development of signs and symptoms.
  1. fever,
  2. cough,
  3. difficulty in breathing.
If you observe the above symptoms visit the nearest health facility for further advice and treatment.

for detailed information visit the government India web site

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