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Best tips for quit smoking or tobacco products

Various types of tobacco crops are grown worldwide. Nicotine is extracted commercially from tobacco plants.

Most tobacco is grown in northern India and Afghanistan, the tobacco plant name is Nicotiana tabacum.
Increased use of tobacco and its harmful effects on health have become the cause for concern.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as ischemic heart disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory illnesses are the leading causes of global deaths associated with tobacco use.

"According to the WHO certified data, about 2.5 million people die from NCDs  (Non-communicable diseases) every year worldwide. Of which half of the people in low and middle-income countries."

About 5 thousand toxic substances are found in tobacco products.

Composition of Tobacco: 
  1. Nicotine
  2. Carbon monoxide
  3. Tar.

The harmful effect of tobacco on health

By smoking or chewing tobacco, nicotine enters the brain and binds to the brain receptor, where it affects the metabolism of the brain.

It also reaches other parts of the body through blood flow and leaves its harmful side effects on the body. For example, carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the body, causing breathing problems.
Tar is a viscous residue that contains benzopyrene. Which causes cancer and heart disease.
Other compounds found in tobacco are carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, sulfur compounds, ketones, etc. These greatly increase the chances of getting cancer.

tobacco causes painful death

  1. Maternal smoking can lead to birth defects in children,
  2. Increases the risk of allergies,
  3. High blood pressure,
  4. Probability of bratty in Obesity,
  5. Poor lung function,
  6. The possibility of the development of asthma,
  7. Kidney damage,
  8. Eye disease,
  9. Dental disease,
  10. Diabetes,
  11. Intestinal swelling,
  12. Smoking can damage every part of the body,
  13. Heart disease - Tobacco affects the coronary vessels of the heart, due to which the blood supply decreases, heart muscles may be weak, which is called ischemic or coronary heart disease,
  14. Tuberculosis - Smoke leads to the possibility of tuberculosis,
  15. Lung disease - Smoking leads to chances of respiratory disease.

 disadvantages of tobacco

  1. Financial loss,
  2. health loss,
  3. Environmental pollution

Tobacco is considered the main risk factor of non-communicable diseases, which is one of the main causes of death.

Tobacco is used in this way

  1. The cigarette is the most harmful,
  2. Beedi (commonly used in India),
  3. Hookah,
  4. Chewing tobacco,
  5. Clove cigarette,
  6. Nascar - Nam, and Sukhu.

What is passive smoking?

When the non-smoker is exposed to the smoke emitted by the smoker, then it is called passive smoking.

Why nonsmokers started uses of cigarettes and other tobacco products?

  1. Establishment of independence and autonomy,
  2. Make coherent self-identification,
  3. Psychological social change associated with physical maturation.

1 cigarette: less 1 breath

1 bidi: short 2 breath

1 packet gutka: short 4 breath.

Why is it difficult to leave it?

Nicotine is a natural chemical.  when it enters the bloodstream through smoking and goes to our brain. it activates a part of our brain which produces a feeling of pleasure and happiness. after some time, as the nicotine levels drop, the feel-good effect reduces, and our body starts craving for the next cigarette or tobacco product. thus you get addicted to smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco. 


Tobacco spoils the health of you and your family. Cigarette, bidi smoke causes harm to people around us. Most children use tobacco by imitating adults. So it is important to quit tobacco

The method adopted by experts to quit smoking addiction

There are two methods of treatment to get rid of tobacco addiction.
  1. Medicinal
  2. Non-medicinal

Nicotine replacement therapy

In this treatment method, the amount of nicotine given to the patient is given, the quantity is gradually reduced and after some time the habit of smoking of the patient is totally missed. In this method, nicotine gum is used.

Non-medicinal remedies 

  1. Practical treatment,
  2. Psychological education,
  3. Disgusting medicine,
  4. Social support.
Not only cigarette cigarettes but also physical harm to themselves, but indirectly (through passive smoking) are also promoting tobacco toxicity in families and children. Despite knowing all this, he can not stop eating them. Whenever they stop using it, they are so uneasy that they start consuming them again. Measures to quit cigarettes.

Remedies for drug addiction
  1. Avoid the accompaniment of addictive friends and make good friends,
  2. Do not keep the contents of intoxicants in the pocket or house
  3. Do not demand any intoxicants from the market by the children,
  4. Stay away from negative thoughts,
  5. Resolve to give up the intoxication with a strong will,
  6. Do not take one intoxicant and take second,
  7. Mix 100 gm of fennel, 100 gm of olive, and 30 gm black salt, and mix two lemon juice. Put a little on the wish of addiction. , Drink lemon juice of honey,
  8. Make your parents and family your friends. Keep your concerns, troubles, and difficulties in front of them.
  9. To avoid stress, fatigue, the stress of your work, you can resort to music, sports, recreation, good books, etc.

Determination is necessary to quit smoking.

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