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how to get rid of stomach worms

In India, in children from 1 year to 19 years of age, one of anemia (anemia), malnutrition, weakness and discomfort, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss, etc. Due to the presence of the worm in the stomach of children. The NDD program has been launched by the Government of India for the physical and good health of children. Under this program, all children up to the age of 19 years are fed albendazole tablets every year on 10 February.

According to NHP India, The national deworming day is an initiate of the ministry of health and family welfare. make every child of the country worm free.

Helminths that are transmitted through soil contaminated with fecal matter are called soil-transmitted helminths .it is also called an intestinal parasitic worm.

He is Gopal. Like other children, like this:

  1. The barefoot plays and revolves,
  2. Eats without washing hands,
  3. In the open, After defeats, the hand does not wash,
  4. Do not cover the food, which makes the food contaminated,

Often Gopal feels this symptom:
  1. Lack of blood (anemia),
  2. Malnutrition,
  3. Weakness and restlessness
  4. stomach ache,
  5. Nausea,
  6. Vomiting,
  7. Diarrhea,
  8. Not feeling hungry,
  9. Fatigue,
  10. Weight Loss.

These symptoms can be caused by worm infection, intestinal worms.

What is a worm?

The worm is a parasite, which lives in the human intestines to survive. The worm is the person's body's essential nutrient, which inhibits the reduction of blood, malnutrition, and growth in humans. Worms are usually of 4 types.
  1. Roundworm,
  2. Whipworm,
  3. Hookworm,
  4. tapeworm.

The increased virginity of the worm will be the greater the symptoms of infected children.
Children with light infections usually do not show any symptoms, but they have a harmful effect on their health.

The acute infection has many symptoms such as weakness, lack of appetite, lack of blood, malnutrition, grief, vomiting pain in the stomach, diarrhea, fatigue.

Worm Treatment for Children:

The easiest way to treat worms-infested children is to feed worm-control medicines.

Albendazole Tablet 400 mg- above 2 years and

Albendazole Tablet 200 mg -less than 2 years

Benefits of Worm Control on Children:
  1. Improvement in blood loss,
  2. Better nutrition

Gopal now feels healthy. He tells about his cleanliness in his friends and community.
  1. Keep cleaning the house, patio, and surroundings,
  2. put on shoes,
  3. Do not roam open, use the toilet,
  4. Wash your hands with soap, especially after the meal and after shouting,
  5. Wash fruits and vegetables with clean water,
  6. Cover the food
  7. Always drink clean water,
  8. Keep nails clean and short.

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