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normal delivery procedure step-by-step

Types of the birth process:- The actual process of birth occurs before the period of conception. The duration of the pregnancy is different in different species. 

It usually lasts for approximately 280 days (9 months) in humans (the period of the last menstruation period) during the period of the birth of the baby. 

Very few factors are known about After completion of pregnancy, start the birth process or division, but it is believed that hormonal factors play an important role. 

It has been found that experimental blood levels of progesterone in the blood decrease rapidly, whereas estrogen rises shortly before the division. The beginning of division is marked by a long series of involuntary.

Labor pain and delivery

The contraction of the uterus, called labor pain is divided into labor three periods. 

The first lasts for twelve hours. The fetus is taken down Through the cervical side which becomes diluted to enable the embryo to pass. Amnion breaks down releases amniotic fluid through the vagina.

The second period is the birth, where the embryo passes "distributed" to the cervix and vagina. This phase takes approximately twenty minutes for one minute, and the combined involuntary uterus consists of stomach contraction and voluntary contraction by the mother.

The final stage of delivery begins after birth and stays from ten to fifteen 
Minute. The membrane of the placenta and the embryo are loosened from inside the lining of the uterus by another series of contractions and expelled as later.

Sometimes, a woman needs more help than usual at the time of delivery. Some injections such as oxytocin and prostaglandins are used to deliver in such a condition. 

They increase uterine contractions. Due to which the baby comes out of the uterus easily. This also reduces the mother's discomfort.

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