immunity is acquired after an injection

All types of organisms have special properties, which prevent any external harmful microbes from entering the body, this special property is called the immune system.

This system protects us from harmful micro-organisms and protects against diseases. The body's immune system functions in this way.
When an antigen (foreign particle) is entering into the body through infection of disease. Then the body reacts to this and making antibodies against its secretion. 

If enough antibodies are made to prevent a particular disease or infection in the body, then that person becomes immune to that particular disease or infection. We can say that the person has acquired immunity against that disease. Simply put, we can say that the body recognizes that germ, and anytime that germ enters the body in the future, the immune system recognizes it and destroys it.

The AIDS virus (human immunodeficiency virus) first destroys or weakens our immune system so much that our body becomes unable to resist any external attack, and is vulnerable to many diseases.

There are 2 types of immunity:  1- Natural immunity, 2- Earned immunity.

Natural immunity comes from birth in humans. And it is related to caste, class, and parents. Therefore, the immune system of the children of a healthy parent is strengthened by the expectation of the children of a sick parent. We are immune to some diseases that occur in animals. Which is born.

A person may receive protection acquired by disease or immunity. By this process, the body is stimulated to produce its own antibodies. Or in cases where the body is temporarily protected from diseases by giving pre-prepared antibodies and causing inactivity in a certain way.

What is Immunity?

Immunity is a natural or acquired resistance to a specific disease. A host is immune to a certain pathogen as long as the antibodies specific for the pathogen are present in his circulatory system.

What is Active immunity?

Active immunity results when antibodies are produced by the cells (lymphocytes) of the host as a result of contact with an antigen. (The antigen may be a microorganism or its product) Active immunity usually develops slowly within a couple of weeks (as antibody production reaches a maximum level), yet it may last up to many years for some antigens.

Active immunity may be induced naturally while recovering from an
infectious diseases such as mumps, measles, or chickenpox.

What is artificial immunity?

Artificially, by vaccines. Vaccines are inactivated or attenuated microorganisms that can still stimulate antibody production. (Attenuated microorganisms are living, yet too weak to be virulent ) Vaccines are available for BCG, DPT, Tetanus, Mumps, rabies, and various other diseases.

Also, used to induce active immunity are toxoids, made by destroying the poisonous parts of the toxins produced by some pathogens. The antigenic part of the toxin is not affected and can still induce antibody production for protection against diphtheria, tetanus, and other diseases.

What is passive immunity?

Passive immunity is conferred when antibodies produced by active immunity in one organism are transferred to another. Since no antigen is introduced, there is no stimulation of antibody production hence, passive immunity is of short duration. It does provide immediate protection, unlike active immunity which requires time for development.

Passive immunity is also conferred by both natural or arti­ficial means: naturally, by antibody transfer to the fetus from an immune mother (that is, by placental transfer), or Artificially, by injection of serum containing antibodies from an immune individual to a susceptible one.

Passive immunity, it is not necessary that the donor and the recipient be of the same species. It is, however, dangerous for people who are allergic to animal serum, and so must be used with caution.

If the answer to the host's question is "These are my own antibodies," then active immunity is involved;

If the answer is "These are not my antibodies," then passive immunity is involved.

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