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withdrawal symptoms of morphine

The morphine sulfate is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. morphine belongs to the narcotic or opioid analgesics. It affects the brain to change the body's feel and response to pain. morphine sulfate is prescribed only on doctor prescriptions.

Comes in the form of injections, tablets, capsules. Morphine sulfate injection usually only happens in the hospital. Heroin, diethyl morphine, is more potent than morphine. Due to the problems of drug dependence, these drugs are used only in a compelling situation. morphine is a very beneficial drug in the pain of cancer.

Withdrawal symptoms of Narcotic analgesics

Morphine is an addictive drug. Using it continuously becomes a habit. And when there is a deficiency in the body, symptoms of deficiency begin to appear.  Withdrawal symptoms appear after an abstinence period of 6 to 12 hours after the last dose and can be very severe and even fatal. The person develops a strong desire for the drug, lethargy, and weakness. After 12 hours, yawning, lacrimation, sweating, rhinorrhea, tremors, and anorexia appear. The peak of withdrawal symptoms is reached after 48 hours and is characterized by fever, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, dilation of already constricted pupils, and abdominal cramps.

Morphine sulfate is used

for prolonged relief of severe and intractable pain.

Dosage of morphine sulfate

Adult- 10 mg to 100 mg alone or in combination single or in divided dosage.

Children- 0.2 - o.8 mg/kg 12 hourly.

Morphine should not be given the following circumstances.
  1. respiratory depression,
  2. paralytic ileum,
  3. delayed gastric emptying,
  4. obstructive airway disease,
  5. morphine sensitivity,
  6. acute hepatic disease,
  7. pregnancy,
  8. preoperative administration,
  9. postoperative pain in children.

Use with special precautions, hypothyroidism in renal, chronic hepatic disease.

👉 Paediatrics- contraindication.

👉 Pregnancy - use with caution.

👉 Lactation- Contraindicated.

👉 Elderly- use with caution.

morphine Side effect

  1. dry mouth.
  2. dependence,
  3. headache.
  4. small pupils.
  5. nausea,
  6. vomiting
  7. stomach pain, and cramps.
  8. constipation.
  9. difficulty urinating or pain when urinating.
  10. mood changes.
  11. respiratory depression.

 interaction with

  1. tranquilizers drugs.
  2. anesthetics.
  3. hypnotics drugs.
  4. sedative.

Morphine sulfate tablets 10 mg and 30 mg are available on the market.

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