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Symptoms of Depression, sadness, irritability, and social isolation.

Depression case study

People have to remain locked inside their homes to avoid coronavirus worldwide. Due to this, depression is becoming in the minds of people during this pandemic. Many are also suicidal.

At present, many such reports are heard in the midst of depression. If someone feels desperate or thinks of committing suicide, then the first thing we try is to help the person in some way. For this, we advise him and try to find a solution.

Common symptoms of depression:

Symptoms of depression are like this
  • Anxiety, general dissatisfaction, guilt,
  • Disappointment, loss of interest or pleasure in activities,
  • Sadness, excessive crying, and irritability,
  • social isolation,
  • Waking up early, excessive sleep, or restless sleep,
  • Excessive hunger, or loss of appetite,
  • Lack of concentration, or thoughts of suicide
  • Gain or lose weight.

If a person is going through depression and feeling stressed, it is better for them that we listen to them in peace. Desperate people do not want answers or solutions from anyone. He simply wants a safe place to express his fears and concerns, where he is heard.

During this time, we should not only listen to his words but also try to know the feelings behind what the person is saying. To help such a person, we should look at things from their perspective, not from their perspective.

You can help by doing any of these

The person listening to the talk- The person struggling with stress wants someone who takes time to listen to him. Someone who just listens to her without any judgment, opinion, or advice.

Confident Person - A person full of desperation wants the person who is listening to them to respect their feelings and not try to dominate them. He wants that with whom he speaks, he should keep that matter a secret.

Someone to pay attention- A person going through mental stress wants someone who is present with him at the time who can give him mental peace, such a person who can win his trust with his words and say that he is his Cares

Avoid stress and avoid obstacles

Loneliness- Save the person struggling with depression from being alone as much as possible. Discontinuously this problem can increase 10 times. If you also find a person suffering from mental stress then save him from loneliness.

Counseling - Often people struggling with mental stress shy away from telling their things to others. Actually, he wants to avoid the suggestion of 'be happy' or reassurance like 'everything will be alright' during this conversation. He wants to say something to anyone instead of analysis, comparison, classification, or criticism.

Asking questions- A person thinking of committing suicide does not want any hurry, does not want to change the subject on which he is talking, or to show mercy or kindness to someone by listening to his words. He just wants to share his mind.

Depression counseling

There are many voluntary organizations and hospitals for individuals thinking about mental stress or suicide, which are helping the person being motivated to commit suicide. The helpline is a facility that allows people in trouble to say their things without any criticism.

Listen carefully to the person suffering from depression and talk to an expert like a doctor to help him. Persuade him to go to a doctor or institute where such patients are treated.
After getting treatment at the right time, after some time the person suffering from depression starts living his normal life.

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