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Types of nutrients and their sources

Nutrition is required to keep cells, tissues alive. The body needs nutrients to function normally, and smoothly. Which is obtained from food. Nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals) are essential for good health and physical growth.

To keep body fluids balanced, it is necessary to take essential fluids daily. It is obtained in the form of water, fruits, vegetables, milk, others.

Types of nutrients:

We get nutrients from foods. Different types of nutrients are required in different amounts to keep the body healthy. therefore balanced amounts of nutrients are required in our food.

it is not the same for everyone,  depends on several factors, age group, physical work they perform, health status, and speed of physical growth.

it is essential for the normal growth and repair of the body cells and tissues. The 6 essential nutrients are,
  1. Protein,
  2. Carbohydrates,
  3. Fat,
  4. Vitamins,
  5. Mineral,
  6. And water.

"A good diet is a mixed diet that contains a variety of nutrients and maintains the nutritional value, is necessary for good health"

😀 Protein is necessary for the body to grow. Proteins are helpful in repairing the broken cells of the body and in making blood and producing antibodies necessary to prevent infection.

😀 Fats and carbohydrates give our body energy. So that we continue our daily activities. When fats and carbohydrates not in our diet, the body starts getting energy from protein. Due to these cells are not repaired and our body starts to weaken.

😀 Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the development of blood cells. They help in keeping good eyesight and keeping teeth and bones strong. Also, they help in normal body development.

😀 Water in our body is half its weight. And it is necessary for the cells of the body to function properly and to maintain the fluid balance of the body.

Types of nutrients and their sources

When there is an excessive amount of an element in food, it is said to be a source of nutrition. like,

Lentils are a good source of protein, while carbohydrates are found in potatoes and bananas. But the amount of protein in them is very useful.

Protein is an important nutrient for infants and children as well as pregnant mothers and lactating women.

Protein foods list for weight loss

The body needs protein-rich food every day to repair the breakdown of cells and to build new cells. Pregnant women and lactating women, and children should have a significant amount of protein in their doses, as they need more protein than normal. Protein-rich food,

😀 fish,

😀 Egg,

😀 Roasted Channa,

😀 Mung lentils,

😀 Beans,

😀 Soybean,

😀 peanut,

😀 Meat,

😀 Chicken,


Healthy high-carb foods:

Energy components are needed for running, playing, doing any work, or for the normal growth of children. How many carbohydrates does a man need? It depends on what kind of work he does and for how long. Children, especially those going to school, do not get that much food so they do not get enough calories. Because of this, children become malnourished and their development stops.

😀Energy-giving food,

😀Sugar and jaggery,



😀Fat grain,




😀Sweet potato,






Fat (energy-rich) foods list:

Our body needs fat in food to meet its energy requirements. Fat is very important for our body because it prevents the skin from becoming dry and rough, it helps in getting Vitamin D, it makes the food taste good, it is a concentrated source of energy. 

It provides twice as much energy to the body as compared to protein and carbohydrates. So our daily dose should be a small amount of fat. Sources of fat,

Plants Source food list:


😀Edible oil,

😀coconut oil,

😀mustard oil,

😀edible oil,

😀Peanut oil,

Animal fat food list:



😀cottage cheese,

😀Fat meat

Vitamin or protective food list

Small amounts of vitamins are needed to protect the body's normal growth and cells. Vitamins are not produced in our bodies, so their quantity of food is important.

There are many types of vitamins. Vitamin A is needed for good eyes and healthy eyes, vitamin B for blood formation, vitamin D for teeth and bones, and vitamin C for healing diseases and healing wounds.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A deficiency causes dryness of the eyes and night blindness.

The deficiency of vitamin A in food increases the risk of blindness in young children. Blindness mainly occurs in children between 1 and 5 years old. To prevent this, all children up to 5 should be given vitamin A solution. Vitamin A source,

😀Green vegetables,

😀Yellow-colored fruits, such as mango, papaya,

😀Yellow pumpkin,






Vitamin B:

Vitamin B is helpful in digesting food. Keeps skin and mucous membranes healthy. The pulse is helpful in keeping the system functioning. Help to make blood cells. Sources of vitamin B,





😀whole grains,

😀Milk, milk made things,





vitamin D :

Vitamin D is required to digest and use calcium and phosphorus. Lack of it causes drought in children and osteomalacia in adults. Teeth are spoiled due to their lack. The body structure becomes ugly. Osteomalacia is higher in women who are not able to go in the sun or live in the curtain.

"sunbath too much is not enough to get vitamin D. If the food is deficient in the body, the body will not be able to use vitamin D."
😀Take sunlight,

😀fish oil,

😀Butter, ghee,


😀Peanut oil,

Mineral or protective food

Minerals are needed to make blood, strengthen teeth and bones, and to regulate physical activity like blood clots.

There are 2 such minerals in it, calcium and iron, which are needed by all.

Pregnant and lactating women and growing children have a lot of them. Things that are high in calcium,


😀Green-striped vegetables,

😀cottage cheese,

😀Sun-dried, fish

Things with iron



😀Green-striped vegetables,





Iodine is essential for the growth and development of the body. Lack of this mineral causes gland disease. source of iodin is Iodine salt, fruits, and vegetables grown near the sea, all kinds of fish.

Water or liquids

A lot of liquid is required every day for Shree to function properly. To accomplish this, drinking water, milk, juice, other drinks such as fruits and vegetables that contain Ras, can be taken.
If the source of the water is dirty, then many kinds of bacteria go into the body. that can cause diseases. So boil the drinking water and keep it covered.

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