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Importance of Personal hygiene.

Lack of personal hygiene can cause many diseases- The word hygiene means the cleanness of the body and the surroundings where we live. Personal hygiene keeps our bodies clean and preventing diseases. we should follow healthy food habits, it helps us to stay fit. Lack of personal hygiene can cause many diseases. 

we generally, do not wash our hands before and after the meal which is a bad habit, germs can enter our body with the food through our hands. germs of many diseases such as diarrhea, jaundice, cholera enters the body through dirty water. Unclean cloth has many germs that can cause skin problems. Take bath daily because bath, the pores on our skin from where waste gets removed in the form of sweat, remain closed if waste does not come out in the form of sweat, it can cause many diseases. eyes should not be touched with unclean hands, it may cause infection in the eyes.

  • We must wash our hands before and after having meals,
  • and should not eat uncovered food because it may have many germs in it,
  • eat only fresh and clean food,
  • should not eat food from roadside vendors because this food collects dust and flies, they carry germs that can make us sick,
  • chew your food well and eat slowly,
  • should not talk while eating,
  • should drink a lot of clean water every day.

Personal hygiene:
  • should brush your teeth twice a day,
  • should wash your eyes regularly with freshwater,
  • should wash your hand with soap and water after urination, after using the toilet, after handling pets, and after touching any foreign object,
  • should trim your nails.
  • should wash your hair regularly and comb them properly,
  • should not clean your ears with the stick,
  • should keep all food items whether cooked or uncooked covered,
  • should always wear clean clothes every day,
  • should wash the cloth daily.

Diseases due to unclean surroundings:

There are many diseases that are caused due to unclean surroundings.
  • Diseases such as malaria are spread due to a mosquito that born in dirty water, collected around our houses or street,
  • the mosquito causing dengue born in still and clean water, so it is better to clean our houses and surrounding, do not allow stagnant water in your street,
  • the heaps of garbage can be easily seen in the street. These are the homes of flies, mosquitoes, and many germs that can cause many diseases.
  • The food items sold at unclean places can cause food poisoning.
Garbage outside the house, garbage pests, disease-causing insects, allowing stray dogs, stray dogs, unsafe waterlogging, eating and drinking in dirty places, all these things which affect our health.

Let fire open (countryside), sharp-edged tools, overcrowding, incorrect construction of houses, unhealthy food and water storage, dirty water and solid waste - disposal of waste incorrectly That is the danger that can affect your health.

Due to a lack of health information, there is a possibility of health hazards such as not doing physical cleansing, wrong eating and drinking habits, etc.

Garbage - Why should garbage be cleaned?

Garbage - garbage piles, bees, insects - insects, and mice are helpful in producing children and raising food. The accumulation of garbage and waste and organic century-old things causes dirt and odor to spread, it is necessary to clean them. Garbage in the paths - throwing garbage is not a good thing because it affects the beauty of a particular place. Litter pile is always at risk of fire

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