How to overcome disease stress and depression with yoga

International Yoga Day - The stubbornness of living a modern life, irregular living habits, unhealthy eating habits, stress, depression, are many factors that lead to the interruption of a healthy, stress-free, blissful life. There should be something that can reduce stress in ours life and bring inner happiness. Make life easier And give everyone the ability to fight every challenge. There is an old saying that whatever we eat and think and do, our behavior also becomes the same.

For the relief from this race, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has suggested the path of Yoga to the world at the international level. Yoga is a powerful way to eliminate illness, stress, grief, depression, etc.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that International Yoga Day is our motto for peace, harmony, and progress. Yoga means discipline and dedication.

World Yoga Day begins on 21 June 2015

The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution in December 2014 at the invitation of the Prime Minister of India, the Honorable Shri Narendra Modi. International Yoga Day will be celebrated every year on 21 June.

Yoga Day started on 21 June 2015 at the international level. Yoga in India has always been an integral part of Indian culture and culture. Here in ancient times, saints used to do yoga. The method of doing them was very difficult. At that time, saints used to give themselves a lot of trouble. And their life span was very long. He used to sit in a yoga posture for a very long time. The yoga they used to do was very high-quality yoga. Not everyone was able to do that. That is why it did not become popular among the common man.

Today, yoga masters have access to yoga from house to house. The biggest name among them is Baba Ramdev Ji. He made yoga rugs simple and easy. Due to which it reached yoga in public.

A positive lifestyle has been kept on top through yoga. This art of making health easier has been adopted by people all over the world. Yag Day is celebrated all over the world to make yoga aware. But this tradition is not limited only to Yoga Day, but it is a part of our life.

Recognize stress and Yoga

Stress is a defect that dominates the mind and makes a person hollow inside. Anxiety, stress, or depression are affecting children as well as elders today.

Concerns about studies, outcomes, and careers also lead to stress and depression in parents, children. In such a situation, stress can be removed with the help of yoga. Yoga is believed to enrich the body and enrich the mind.

Yoga training can form the basis for betterment in all areas of healthy living. Both forms of meditation and asana, yoga have a very positive effect on mental health. For mental health, it should be done at least 3-4 times a week and up to 30 minutes. Studies on yoga show that stress levels are reduced.

When you become lazy due to anxiety and stress

When you become lazy due to anxiety and stress. Do not feel like doing any work, sleeping more.

She is distracted and does not mind any work. You get angry at everything. Does not feel like going home. Daily tasks also seem inefficient.

You have become more active than before. Do not ignore even the smallest thing. The rally is coming at any turn. Anger has become common in every case. Thinking power has become a weak position. It is good to keep yourself alone. Take a bath, say or do some work while walking in thoughts.

If you or your loved ones show such symptoms, then they should be alert immediately. According to the World Health Organization, depression will be the second-largest disease in India by 2020. In such a situation, statistics can be worked to a great extent through yoga.

Remove stress in your life

Nobody likes stress and jealousy. The first way to avoid stress and irritation is through meditation and yoga. Every person has to fight for stress and depression.

There is no need to panic. Choose the right path and adopt strong will power. With which you will be able to strongly answer every disappointment. Make positive thinking a part of life and participate in life.

When anger comes, keep calm for yourself, meditate on any of your favorite thoughts or God. Involve yourself with a gym, sports, social activities. Sports, you can work your stress with swimming.

Get up early in the morning to make Morning Walk a part of life. Avoid waking up late. Do not eat too much sweet food.

If you have a habit of alcohol, stop it immediately. Avoid eating excessive amounts of salt, excess salt can harm your health. Do not be green with financial constraints and fight them. If there is any problem, still seek medical advice immediately.

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