early sign of Neisseria gonorrhea in human

Gonorrhea is a disease caused by bacteria and spread by sexual intercourse. It is important to treat this disease at the very beginning and do it completely. 

Otherwise, it may also fail in another part of the urethra. This causes the prostate to become infected forever and subsequently the urinary tract shrinks. It takes time to urinate.
  1. It is easy to treat its infection early and get rid of it completely.
  2. In this way, symptoms of gonorrhea are increased.
  3. Burning and pain when urinating.
  4. Itching at the end of the urinary tract,
  5. Draws out water along the urinary tract which soon turns white and milky or donkey yellow and purulent.
  6. The pain keeps on increasing and urine comes a little bit.

If the disease is not treated, then the quantity is lost, but the infection remains in the patient's body and at the time of every sexual intercourse it gives the disease first to the woman. 

The man or woman who gets gonorrhea needs to get all his treatment.

Neisseria gonorrhea:

Gonorrhea is caused by Neisseria gonorrhea, a small gram-negative diplococcus bacteria (in the name of  Albert, L. S. Neisser who first isolated it in 1879). 

Cells are double bean-shaped and often gonococcus.it is very fragile and may be easily killed by most antiseptic and disinfectants.it survive only for a short time on a dry surface. 

most transmission is during sexual intercourse.in the female the bacterium invades the epithelial surface of the cervix and urethra. 

after puberty the vaginal epithelium may resist infection.there is an invasion of Bartholin's glands and blockage of fallopian tube passageway by pus and scar tissue which may lead to sterility

causes, with a person suffering from gonorrhea,  by vaginal, anal, or oral copulation. Pregnant women suffering from gonorrhea can give the infection to their child during delivery.

It is necessary to treat the disease early and to do it completely. Otherwise, it spreads to other parts of the urinary tract of men. 

In this, the prostate gets infected forever and later the urinary tract shrinks, it is difficult to urinate.

In the beginning, it is easy to fix the urinary tract and get rid completely. The patient usually says that he had sexual intercourse three to six days before he was released from secretion.

Gonorrhea discharge in female:

In females, bacterium attack the epithelial surface of the cervix and urethra.

It is an invasion of  Bartholin glands and Fallopian tubes passageway by pus and scar tissue which can cause sterility.

Early signs of gonorrhea in female:

  1. Stomachache
  2. Irritation of urine
  3. Normal menstrual cycle obstruction
  4. Approximately 50% of female gonorrhea infections are asymptomatic so that the disease can be taken unknowingly and circulated.
  5. Abdominal pain
  6. burning sensation
  7. urination
  8. interruption of the normal menstrual cycle.

 Early sign of Gonorrhea in male : 

In males, primary infection is in the urethra, characterized by a thin .waterydischarge followed by white thick fluid from the penis.there is pain on urination.

when epididymis is infected, the flow of sperm is blocked, resulting in sterility. the symptoms are more acute in males than in females.
  1. Burning and pain while piss
  2. Itching of urinary tract and itching of the penis and itching around it
  3. Water passes through urine, which soon becomes white and milky or thick yellow and brittle.
  4. The pain continues to grow and the urine comes very little.
  5. If the disease is not treated then the amount of pH is eliminated but the infection remains in the patient's body and the patient spreads the disease to others.
  6. When epididymis is infected, the flow of sperms is blocked, which results in sterility.
  7. Men are more intense than women.


The bacterium may also infect the eye through fingers, towels, etc, which can lead to corneal infection keratitis. in homosexual rectum and pharynx may become infected.
  1. If the disease is not treated properly, then it is a threat to itself.
  2. If he makes sexual intercourse then the danger of illness is to his wife or any other woman.
  3. House members also have the risk of spreading the disease, which uses infected or contaminated clothing or bed patients.

Prevention of gonorrhea:

The disease was first treated with penicillin-resistant strain. the antibiotic drug is used for the treatment of gonorrhea are as follows
  • doxycycline, 
  • metronidazole, 
  • ofloxacin, 
  • ciprofloxacin, 
  • and other antibiotics are used for the treatment of gonorrhea.

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