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The first sign of AIDS is influenza like symptom

HIV is a virus that reduces the ability of humans to survive diseases,

AIDS is a condition in which the power to 

Fight disease is reduced or finished,
The first patient with AIDS in India was found in 1986.

"Common diseases when HIV is infected, HIV gradually reduces the immune resistance of the body to fight disease.
Due to which the person is affected by many common diseases like Diarrhoea, Pneumonia, Charm disease, tuberculosis, etc"

Spread HIV / aids:

  •  Unprotected sex;
  • HIV-infected blood transfusion;
  • Using HIV infected needle.
  • HIV positive mother to her child.   

 Not spread HIV / AIDS:

  • By touching;
  • By eating together, by mutual interaction, wearing each other's clothes, using the same bathroom;
  • By sitting together;
  • Mosquito bite.

What is HIV / AIDS?

The full name/form of AIDS is "Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome"

AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). AIDS damages the human body's immune system so that the body becomes weak and can not protect itself from infection. This disease occurs when the body's immune system is reduced or destroyed, causing the body to get infected with various types of infections and diseases. There is currently no cure for AIDS, so information is the only treatment. 

"The first sign of AIDS is influenza (flu) like symptoms or maybe a swollen gland."

The first of the few cases of AIDS were reported in 1981 by the center for disease control, Atlanta USA. isolated cases of AIDS were identified as early as 1976. serological; data suggest that the AIDS virus was not present in the human before 1976. there is the suspicion that this virus may be a monkey virus that was first transmitted to a man in Africa and then to the USA and Europe. 

Millions of people are now infected with this virus. The disease is prevalent in Australia, South Africa, Central Africa, different parts of Europe, the Caribbean and Japan. Reports of the incidence of AIDS are increasing from various parts of India. Today there are more than 10 million infected persons worldwide who could have the disease themselves or could infect others.

HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus):

HIV is a virus, whose full name is "human immunodeficiency virus". This virus destroys the power to fight diseases of the human body, due to which the human body is vulnerable to many diseases and the symptoms of AIDS appear in the sufferer. An HIV-infected person is called HIV positive

AIDS(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is caused by a virus (human immunodeficiency virus) that has been isolated from the infected patient's blood, lymph glands, brain tissue, cerebrospinal fluid, tears, bone marrow cells plasma, saliva, and semen. (Aids) has different names: 

1. Aids Associated Retrovirus(ARV)

2. Lymphadenopathy-associated virus(LAV), and 

3. Human T-cell Lymphotropic Virus Type-3 (HTL -V-III), 

4. Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV. 

HIV is a Retrovirus.HIV exists in several strains in human blood.

How to detect HIV / AIDS:

Any illness that is not curing a long time of period, such as diarrhoea, tuberculosis, fever, then these can be symptoms of AIDS. It takes 5 to 10 years for the symptoms of AIDS to appear. If there is a possibility of a virus in the body, then it should be investigated.

Transmission of HIV :

  1. Unsafe sexual intercourse
  2. From infected blood and blood products
  3. Using contaminated needles and syringes
  4. HIV positive mother to the newborn baby
  5. Homosexuals,
  6. Intravenous drug abusers
  7. Female sex partners of 1 or 2 
  8. Open wound,
  9. Transfusion of whole blood, plasma, or platelets,


The symptoms of AIDS in HIV-positive individuals to appear in the 3 to 12 years, at this time the person is also in a position to spread the disease to others.AIDS disease is actually the result of HIV attacks - when HIV positive symptoms show signs of illness.

  1. Headache,
  2. fever,
  3. sore throat,
  4. muscle soreness,
  5. rash,
  6. mouth ulcer,
  7. genital ulcer,
  8. swollen lymph gland mainly in the neck,
  9. joint pain,
  10. diarrhea,
  11. night sweating,
  12. blurred vision,
  13. cough and shortness breath,
  14. unusual lesions on the tongue or in the mouth,
  15. weight loss,
  16. skin rashes.

Symptoms of HIV, after entering into the body:

  1. After a few weeks of HIV, entering the body, the following symptoms appear.
  2. Flu-like symptoms,
  3. Fever,
  4. Body pain
  5. And headache
  6. Some infected people do not see these signs

But after some time, these symptoms disappear. And the infected person is in a state of unrecognized status, this condition can last for 3 to 12 years.

Other symptoms of AIDS disease :

  1. Feeling tired
  2. Weight loss in a short time - event of weight
  3. To stay diarrhea continuously for more than one month.
  4. Increasing lymph nodes in size in more than one place.
  5. Unexplained fever,
  6. Muscles pain,
  7. Night sweating.

Diagnosis of AIDS:

HIV test is to detect the human immunodeficiency virus in saliva, serum, or urine. the following test are detect the HIV infection.
  1. CD4 count,
  2. rapid or point of care tests,
  3. ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay),
  4. RNA tests,
  5. Western blot.

Prevention of AIDS:

👉 The only relationship with your life partner.

👉 Use only a germ-free needle and syringe.

👉 Before using blood or blood products, make sure HIV is checked.

From unprotected sex,  To HIV-infected blood transfusions, to the use of an infected needle or a previously used needle, to an HIV-positive mother to her child.

Antiretroviral medicines:

HIV infected persons can live their life normally by taking antiretroviral medicines. On starting these medicines have to be taken regularly throughout life.

They do not spread HIV / AIDS:

By mutual interaction with touching, mosquito or bedbugs, living together, eating together, wearing each other's clothes, using the same bathroom not spread this disease.

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