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Parkinson's - Symptoms and Physiotherapy

Parkinson is such a disease, in which there is less effect of dopamine in a part of the victim's brain (midbrain). As a result, the body and behavior of the victim changes.

Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

  • Reduced working speed In any work, doubling - it takes time to triple. As the victim used to take 15 minutes before eating, now it takes 20 to 30 minutes or does not eat.
  • Deteriorating body balance. Tremble in the hands
  • Tulle in speaking, body speed work
  • Stiffness in body muscles.

Diagnosis: Neurologists usually diagnose Parkinson's on the basis of suffering symptoms.

Treatment: Parkinson's can be controlled to a great extent with the help of drugs.

management of Parkinson's - physiotherapy

Balance training: In this procedure, the patient is taught about the balance of the body. By which the patient learns to balance the body. Just like standing up, stepping on one leg, walking straight on a line, walking ahead and back, walking alongside, etc.

Coordination Training: In this method, the ball is taught to catch and throw. Finger 8 with hands and feet, and measures to avoid falling are taught.

Exercise of the body: Exercises of shoulders, waist, hips, and knees are used to increase the strength of the muscles of the body.

Stretching Exercise: In this method, the methods of pulling all joints and muscles are explained.

Gate method: In this, the patient is taught to walk properly.

Speech Therapy: In this method, the patient's thunder and voice problems are resolved.

Family Education: The family members are educated about patient catering and care.

Breathing training: such as pranayama, yoga, etc., provides great benefits to patients with Parkinson's. This gives a sufficient quantity of oxygen to the patient's brain.

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